Catch It: “Love Bite” at Pret A Manger

My own select pleasure is walking throughout Manhattan; my own chic treat is Pret A Manger’s “Love Bite,” its own handmade, dark chocolate, coconut and walnut brownie. A week ago, I entered the restaurant at 1200 Avenue of the Americas (47th & 6th Avenue) in New York City.

The upbeat, fun, creative energy, enticed me to buy two “Love Bites,” but, I stayed with my diet, and purchased one. The cashier was friendly, her name was Karima; moments later, a young man walked onto the floor carrying sandwiches with a giant smile. “Fresh Food,” he said.

I am aware Pret A Manger is an international success; and on a cold day in May, I felt right at home, in line with tourists, and New Yorkers enjoying their own exclusive meal at the fashionable, friendly atmosphere—Pret A Manger.

Catch it if you can at

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