Catch It: Demarco: Easy Style

“What I like about Demarco,” said Ethan, from Massachusetts “is its open atmosphere. It’s not an overdone cafe; this is more of an easy style that happens to have really good coffee.”

Demarco is located at 569 Lexington Avenue (between 50th and 51st Street) in New York City; it’s aesthetically modern; rectangular, rich flavor in the neighborhood, of fresh-brewed fragrant coffee.

I was there the other day for lunch, engrossed with my grilled cheese sandwich and cappuccino. I sat next to Ethan, who was sipping espresso. At about fifteen minutes later, I started to leave, and suddenly, asked, “What is distinctive at Demarco?”

“The relaxed feeling as soon as you walk in the door,” he said.

“Absolutely,” I said, “and the friendly staff is great too!”

Catch it if you can at

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