As large as  New York City can be, there is an intimacy one sees.  Such as, sitting and having lunch at Tudor City Park between 41st and 43rd Streets at First Avenue; walking along Central Park and discovering a small café called the Heavenly Rest Stop on Fifth Avenue at 2 East 90th Street.  Catch It if you can invite you to enjoy some new places in our lovely “Big Apple.”  Perhaps you are acquainted with my finds and will stop by another time.  I love the company of friends and conversations at a cute little place for coffee or wandering into a chocolatier to get a piece of chocolate or two.   My particular spots have a story along the way which makes them unique to me.  Click on the website link where you can read further about the decor, delicious menus, and directions.  If you are like me—please share my suggestions with a tourist, a new friend, and old-timers too.

Ms. Moore has her Master of Fine Arts (2017) from St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, New York.  She is the author of the novel: Journey Back When.

7 Responses to About

  1. Kelli says:

    I love pork buns — Hmmmmmmm, you make them sound so mouth-wateringly scrumptious! Thanks for the tip!


  2. Jeannie says:

    You learn something new everyday – never had them – but I must try them out – sound good and thanks for sharing


  3. Lisa Roman says:

    An absolutely beautiful way to find exactly what you are looking for and then some.


  4. Marie Griffin says:

    I LOVE the way you write. I feel like I’m sitting with you and discovering–or rediscovering–a wonderful, warm city through its people and places. Thank you, Wanda!


  5. curtis says:

    You are giving the true flavor of NYC. The blog is great!


  6. URL says:

    I simply must tell you that you have written an excellent and unique article that I really enjoyed reading. Thank you.


  7. Kelli says:

    Loved the Candy shop story and will be sure to visit! Thanks for the terrific tips! Kelli


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