Catch It: Café Dada

Her laughter was unforgettable, her smile was sunshine, and her crab cakes were to live for. That’s how I remember my Aunt Vivie. When I would visit her at her home in the quaint seaside town of Cape May, New Jersey, summer days meant running on the beach, returning to her comfy yellow house and sitting at the kitchen table for scrambled eggs, buttery biscuits and scrumptious crab cakes for breakfast. Although Aunt Vivie passed away years ago, her exuberance for life still remains with me.

These memories were evoked recently on a beautiful spring day. Walking in Park Slope, I came upon Café Dada at 57 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217. I decided I would have an iced coffee and write. And while there, I looked at the menu, and saw Crab Cakes served with purple cabbage slaw. I instantly thought of my sweet Aunt Vivie and the breezy days of Cape May.

I was not disappointed. My Crab Cakes were light, fluffy and exquisite. I enjoyed my meal. I heard children playing outside, and one was a little girl. Her melodious voice brought nostalgia mixed with nature’s present joy.

Catch it if you can at

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