Catch It: See’s Candies, Chocolate & Candy Gifts

I had another adventure in downtown Manhattan last week. I was walking on West 8th Street when I came upon See’s Candies. It is the kind of unexpected delight I adore, a chocolate castle of sweets.

After long hours of working on the book I’m writing, it’s always a dark chocolate treat I give myself.

See’s Candies is new in New York City, located at 60 West 8th Street, NYC, 10011. The American-made high quality chocolates got their beginning in Los Angeles and South San Francisco. Three of my favorites are:

  • Almond Royal
  • Premium Extra Dark Chocolate Bars
  • Dark Peppermint

The space is small and cozy, the staff is extraordinarily nice, and the ambience is like a sunny day in Georgia. Of course, gazing at the many varieties of super delicious chocolates at See’s Candies is sure to make me smile no matter the weather outside.

Catch it if you can at

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