Catch It: Gotham Scoop 2017

Sarah Grimaud is on a mission. And when you meet her, a young lady in her thirties, with a bright and sunny smile, one is not surprised to hear of her profession. “I am a personal trainer and I care about health—the gifts from health,” she said cheerfully.

Before long, we sat down at a coffee shop, and I interviewed Ms. Grimaud. Her positive and poised way in sharing her gifts from health is the gifts of wisdom.

How did you become a personal trainer?

I have always been active and I love fitness. I first came into fitness as a profession through teaching group fitness classes, teaching Zumba fitness dance classes, and then also teaching some strength and weights classes. And that just piqued my interest and I wanted to learn even more and become more knowledgeable to help clients with their personal goals.

What do you like about being a personal trainer?

I love it. It’s great. I get to do something I am passionate about. And so, I am passionate about being healthy myself, and inspiring, empowering and encouraging others to also be healthy so they can best enjoy their lives. I think that health gives us so many gifts, and I want everyone to be able to understand and enjoy these gifts.

Where did you receive your training?

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has a Personal Trainer Certification program. You can actually do it yourself online and with a book, but I wanted to do it in person to get hands-on experience. There is this great program that is done through the Crunch gym called PTEC. It is a six-week intensive, three days per week, and all day. It’s great to learn with a Master Trainer, someone who has been doing it a long time. He taught us so much, answered our questions and made sure we totally understood everything.

What is your most popular routine for a client who is overweight?

What is your special connection with your clients?

I think people love my positivity, my positive energy. My energy as a whole is very sunny, optimistic and encouraging. People can connect with that and I think people appreciate that.

Is there a particular healthcare message you want to share?

My father died from colon cancer when I was seven years old and that has taught me a lot of things, including to enjoy your life, and also giving me the passion for health and fitness. I want to keep myself healthy to prevent disease down the line. So, it is important to me to spread that message to others. And I want others to understand that working out has a great mental aspect. With the endorphins, you are feeling great as well as keeping your body healthy.

My cause is that I am most interested in people joining wellness, joining fitness to stay healthy inside. I know some people are focused on the physique and looking a certain way. But, what is really important to me is to encourage people to workout for keeping their heart healthy, preventing disease, keeping their muscles strong (and all of that), etc.

Lastly, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon; do you have any tips on what you should do before the chocolates?

I would say enjoy Valentine’s Day. Eat the chocolate or don’t. Do what feels right to you and your body on that day. To get in the mood for Valentine’s Day, you could take some type of flirty, sexy, and sassy exercise class. You could take, for example, Zumba dance classes, hula hoop classes or another type of dance class. You and your significant other could take a partner dance class together on Valentine’s Day to both celebrate your health, and to turn up the heat with each other, and have fun on Valentine’s Day.

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