Catch It: Max Brenner’s Hot Chocolate

Friday after Thanksgiving, friends and I went to The Rink at Bryant Park. Judy and Joey and their children, ages 10, 14 and 5.

I did not skate, but instead strolled over to Max Brenner’s kiosk for some hot chocolate. The cozy Bryant Park shop is a seasonal outpost of the legendary Max Brenner Chocolate Bar and Restaurant in Union Square.

While the very nice sales associate made my orders, I sipped a sample taste of their classic hot chocolate with whipped cream. It was divine, and for a chocolate lover like meheaven supreme.

A minute later, my orders in hand, I returned towards The Rink, meandering while relishing my own rich and deeply satisfying dark chocolate experience.

Right away, ten eager eyes spotted me and raced my way. Except the little one, who fell but hurriedly got back up again.

Catch it if you can at and

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