Catch It: Ninth Avenue Restaurants

It often happens that on the way to visit my friend Crystal and her daughter Jade in the Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West and Theater District neighborhood, I stroll past the Ninth Avenue restaurants with my big brown eyes wide-opened.  I take in the bountiful bundle and boundless choices for satisfying one’s appetite.

And just like in Beethoven, The Universal Composer by Edmund Morris—universal cuisine unfolds before me along Ninth Avenue between 57th and 42nd Streets.

From that colorful, multiethnic palette of eating places, I want to highlight eight establishments for pleasing your palate:


South & North Indian Cuisine

Blue Bar & Eatery

Mediterranean Seafood & Tapas

Bocca Di Bacco Hell’s Kitchen

Classic Italian

Der Krung

Thai Cuisine

El Centro Cocina y Cantina Mexicana

Mexican Street Foods

K Rico

South American Steakhouse

Noodies Thai Kitchen

Modern Interpretation of Classic Thai

Route 66 Grill

Contemporary American “Comfort Food”

Catch it if you can at,,,,,,,

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1 Response to Catch It: Ninth Avenue Restaurants

  1. I grew up there. Went to Stuyvesant. No place like NYC.


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