Catch It: Merchants NY

The aura of love. First it was her smile. Then his smile—and our smiles at them. 

Several Sundays ago, friends and family members of the couple were celebrating at Merchants NY (112 7th Avenue, between 16 & 17th Street) in the Chelsea neighborhood.

Angela and Scott were visiting from Washington, DC, for the weekend. I had not seen my friend Angela in many years, and in between hugs and hearty cheers we were drinking Champagne Cocktails, Specialty Cocktails and Sangria. 

Merchants NY is a charming local restaurant with a mixture of old school and contemporary flair. Where for decades regulars have come to dine at their favorite community place, drink spirits at the nostalgic mahogany oak bar or lounge outside with an appetizing meal in a dream state of a summer’s breeze.

It was my first visit to the downtown hamlet and the home-style restaurant. There was chatter among the party of ten, and soon we settled down with our menus. Right away, Scott said, “Raised your glasses. Angela and I are celebrating our oneyear anniversary and wedding bells are near.

Catch it if you can at

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