Catch It: Eli’s Essentials

Embracing the spirit of nature is simple for me. Like last Saturday, walking in the splendor of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) with my dear friend Marie. Later, we took a break to catch up at the American Wing Café. We shared our own good news while sitting at the park side of the court, and even with the misty rain, runners, cyclists, and walkers in Central Park moved in and out of view.

That Sunday at noon, I rambled leisurely for six miles in Central Park. I was reminded of its richness and regal beauty. After a deserved rest, I trekked to my next cherished place: Eli’s market and restaurant at 120 Madison Avenue. I sat in a French bistro chair, drinking strong coffee, and eating a delicious breakfast: Amagansett Egg & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich on a Brioche Roll. For my second cup of coffee, I sat on the bench outside of Eli’s and looked at families with baby carriages, and friends sauntering on the old-world street of the Upper East Side.

And so the glory of walking in and around New York’s unique nature preserve brews unexpected pleasures around every corner.

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