Catch It: Tribeca Treats

Three Sundays ago, I pulled out my favorite recipe book: The French Chef Cookbook by Julia Child. I had decided to bake a cake for an event at my home. I turned to page 96: Cake for Company and read, “You will note that there is no baking powder; the lightness of the cake depends entirely on beautifully beaten egg whites which are folded into batter with such speed and delicacy that they retain their volume and the maximum of their puffy abilities.”

Regrettably, my cake did not live up to The French Chef promise—at least not well enough for guests. So I decided to rely on Tribeca Treats instead. The bakery and gift shop is located at 94 Reade Street, New York, NY 10013. It is a fairyland of cake heaven in Lower Manhattan. They have wonderful delectables, and with Mother’s Day approaching, it is a treasure-house of gifts.

My cupcakes were yummy delicious, inspiring me to do my own survey with my dearest friends’ children to find out what they like best about cupcakes.

Mom: Karel

Daughter: Kendall, nine-years-old (to be 10 in June)

“I like cupcakes because they are sweet.”

Mom: Crystal

Daughter: Jade, nine-years-old (to be 10 in July)

“I just love cupcakes because they’re sweet, soft and make me feel like aha!

Mom: Lisa

Son: Cross, thirteen-years-old (to be 14 next week)

“I like eating them because you can have more than one.”


Son: Luke, nine-years-old

“I like the icing.”

In summary: cupcakes are small enough to eat more than one, sweet, soft, topped off with yummy icing–and they make us feel “aha!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Catch it if you can at

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1 Response to Catch It: Tribeca Treats

  1. Crystal Blake says:

    Love this!! We are heading to 94 Reade Street to indulge. LOL


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