Catch It: Earth Café

Last week, I strolled into the Earth Café. It is located at 2580 Broadway, New York 10025, on the north side of West 97th Street. The décor is simply charming: high ceiling, white brick wall, wooden ceiling fan, teal colored-chairs, and French doors. As I walked up to the barista, there were samples of cakes and brownies. Each bite was delicious.

“What is this cake?” I asked the young barista.

“It is Coconut Loaf. We bake it fresh,” he said smiling. “Would you like a slice?”

“I would.”

“What about coffee?”

“I just had an espresso, but next time,” I replied. “What a delightful café, I think it is the kind of place one becomes devoted to.”

I sat at a table and stared at the elegantly proportioned café on the Upper West Side. My Coconut Loaf was divine. And when I had finished eating, I thought of taking a slice to go. Yet, I stood up to leave, humming to the Bossa Nova soundtrack.

“Thank you,” I said, waving to the barista. “What is your name?”

“Yadin,” he said, “I will tell the chef that you enjoyed the Coconut Loaf.”

Absolutely, and I’ll let my readers know too.

Catch it if you can at:


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