Catch It: Donna Bell’s Bake Shop

Where is the fun in passing by a bakery, peering through the window, and just smiling at the creamy moist homemade Classic White Cake, Carrot Cake, Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake, or chocolate cookies, cupcakes, and biscuits? While growing up in the south, family dinners were heavenly, and desserts were scrumptiously supreme. There was no guilt, I simply asked, “May I have another slice, please?”

It happened unexpectedly. I strolled from a creative meeting about a new project, and I was in the vicinity of Midtown on the West Side of Manhattan. I entered Donna Bell’s Bake Shop; and my big dark brown eyes blinked more than once at the desserts.

Why not?” I said, glancing at the frostings on food I adore.

I treated myself to a delicious cupcake, stirring reminiscences of my sister’s famous Classic Pound Cake with Sugar Icing. And I enjoyed every bit of the pleasure of home cooking from the homeystyle café.

Catch it if you can at


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