Catch It: Xiˈan Famous Foods

“How sweet this crust.” Such were the words of Henry D. Thoreau and similar words from a family of six from China, sitting on a bench in Central Park; eating burgers, noodles, and soups from Xiˈan Famous Foods on the Upper West Side of Manhattan  (2675 Broadway, NY 10025).

“What are you eating?” I asked the young lady in an emerald green jacket.

“It is a Chinese burger,” she said, “but, with pork instead of beef. It’s sweet, tender and delicious.”

The next day, April 19th, I was in the area and thought about those “Chinese burgers,” that looked so appetizing. It is a small place, however, standing-room-only. I picked up a business card and decided to come again.

If you are in the neighborhood, why not experience Xiˈan Famous Foods. They have locations in Queens (Flushing); Brooklyn (East Williamsburg); and Manhattan (Chinatown, East Village, Midtown and the Upper West Side).

Catch it if you can at

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