Catch It: Indie Food and Wine

One evening, I came upon Indie Food and Wine at 144 West 65th Street, New York, NY 10023. Funny how I never noticed it before, since I am often at the New York Public Library for the Performance Arts at Lincoln Center for research—still, I was fortunate to be there on May 5th.

That Monday, the League of Professional Theatre Women presented Bebe Neuwirth in conversation with Patrick Pacheco, an arts journalist, in the Bruno Walter Auditorium.

Ms. Neuwirth’s was honest, humble and humorous in describing her love for her craft as a dancer, singer, actor and founder of The Dancers’ Resource. When she said, “I saw Pippin, the Broadway musical with Ben Vereen at 13 years old; it rescued my heart, and I recognized myself,” I thought, “This is why I love New York—being in New York and its unexpected surprises.

The time flew by, it was over, I started walking, and I came upon Indie Food and Wine. I sat at the mahogany table, gazing out the wide windows facing the Julliard School, listening to Cab Calloway’s striking voice in the background while enjoying a tasty Lemon Tart and drinking a pleasurable cup of coffee.

It was a splendid day, and if you are near Lincoln Center, catch it if you can at

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