Catch It: Jennifer Nnamani: Upcoming Event: Fashion Envie

Jennifer Nnamani is an enterprising entrepreneur in the world of fashion; in particular, Eco-Friendly Fashion. She is the CEO and Founder of Beau Monde Society (BMS). Her company is based in New York. I sat down with Ms. Nnamani over coffee one afternoon, and admired her distinctive style: “Blue nails, lime green heels, vintage wear with a touch of modern, classic flair.”

 CATCH IT: What is Beau Monde Society (BMS)?

JENNIFER NNAMANI: BMS is a cultural and fashion forward conscious company seeking to enlighten by challenging the status quo. Our marquee is to create lifestyle branding through various mediums by merging fashion and creative ideas to carve a unique niche.

CI: What is Fashion Envie?

JN: I created Fashion Envie to showcase emerging eco-friendly, designers and artists. From my experience and extensive research, there are not enough sustainable platforms to represent and/or showcase eco-friendly designers in New York City. Our upcoming event is on April 20th at 6:30 PM; located at 81 White Street, New York, NY 10013.

CI: How did you become interested in fashion?

JN:  That would be my parents; because, my father is a fashion designer and my mother is fashion savvy.

CI: What is your educational background?

JN:  I received my MBA from New York Institute of Technology, and my bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University.

CI: What is your daily routine?

JN: I clearly do not have a set routine. I start my day with a variety of projects. I research on the latest trends: domestically and internationally. I, of course, read blogs about fashion, and network with others in the business.

CI: What was the foundation of BMS?

JN: I love style, fashion and I care about the environment. I believe fashion can change the environment. It’s a great way to get the message out there, and show to how small steps can change the environment.

CI: What advice would you give an aspiring young person who is interested in the fashion industry?

JN: I encourage everyone to do what they love. If they love it, and have a passion for it—then be good at it.

CI: How do you describe your personal style?

JN: My style revolves around Afro, bohemian, classy, and sleek…all wrap up in one. I try to dress comfortably as possible. And so, comfort is my main style and if it’s comfortable—I wear it.

For further information about Beau Monde Society (BMS), please contact Ms. Nnamani at

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