PETROSSIAN BOUTIQUE CAFÉ: That name Petrossian–could it be Russian?  Can you imagine this in the 1965 epic movie, Doctor Zhivago: Lara Antipova and Dr. Zhivago find one another after all.  They hold hands while walking to the Petrosssian Restaurant.  They have Caviar Cocktails and nibble on Russian Caviar.  “Pardon me,” one would say.  “But the writer, Boris Pasternak did not end the romantic-drama in Paris—for the Petrossian Restaurant is French.”  The restaurant is located in New York City at 182 West 58th Street.  It is moonless, it is refine, and it’s simply divine.

Nevertheless, my heart belongs to the Petrossian Boutique Café.  The smaller relations right next door where one is taken into an atmosphere of the same elegance, and succulent meals for a prudent price.  As I entered, I am greeted by Gigi, the dazzling assistant manager.  I sit at my favorite table while the waitress, Sanaa, takes my order.  I’m ready for breakfast at 8:00 a.m.  I ordered coffee and a mini Brioche.  I first thought of the Petrossian Breakfast: eggs, bacon, salmon, and toast points, or the French Breakfast: baguette, pain au raisin, and croissant, each costing around $13.00.  Then, I wished it was lunch time.  I do relish the Hummus Tahini with warm nan bread and marinated olives for $10.00.  However, I remembered another time: my friend basked in the slow roasted Leg of Lamb, potato puree and roasted vegetables for $16.00.  We shared dessert: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie for $2.50.

When Sanaa served me my coffee, I started to read an article in The New Yorker Magazine.  I overheard another customer request, Des Steppes’ tea.  “That’s my favorite, tea,” I reflected.   “But mornings, I start with coffee.”

Thirty-five minutes later, I was ready to depart, my bill arrived, and it was $4.50.  I gathered my mulberry Hellolulu laptop case, went to the cash register.  I spoke to the sales clerk, Bridget, about a few of the Boutique items for sale.  “I have a niece who is six years old…what are those sticks,” I asked.  Bridget explained, “They are our Chocolate Sticks—a winner for kids, because with a cup of hot milk, you place the stick in the cup and you’re drinking hot chocolate.”  Cost: $3.00 for one.  And so—my bill was now $7.50.

Other items for sale are: Vodka Pill Box (dark chocolate filled with vodka) is $6.00, Gourmet Teas are $15.00, and BaBa Au Rhum is $40.00 per jar.  Prices range from a Lollipop for .75 to a Champagne Bucket for $95.00.

I thanked my waitress, Sanaa, waved good-bye to Gigi, and was off to an appointment.  Petrossian Boutique Café has nine tables, fine food, and is my own little treasure, except for today.  It’s perfection year round.  Catch it if you can at

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