SHEEP MEADOW IN CENTRAL PARK:  It was Sunday, August 15th; the blistering sun was my companion.  I had read chapters in three books, well at least a few pages in each:  The Red Pony by John Steinbeck, The Return by Victoria Hislop, and The Blue Orchard by Jackson Taylor.  Anyway, happiness was I lying on the grass in Sheep Meadow at two o’clock in the afternoon.  This fifteen-acre flourishing heaven is located from the west side at 66th Street to 69th Street, as well as the east side.  However, I wandered in at West 67th Street and Central Park West, whereupon, feeling nostalgia about the empty red brick Tavern on the Green Restaurant.

“What a lovely day,” I smiled and stared at the baby blue sky.  I am relaxed taking in the rolling clouds.  I lied on my back, then on my stomach, followed by sitting up reaching for several concord grapes.  As I grabbed another, I saw a young man in oversize Levi’s jeans cut-off at the knee pulling a grocery store cart.  He said.  “Heineken, Corona, Corona light, water, ice-cold Corona,” I was eating, drinking Pellegrino water—he moved along.  Five minutes later a middle-age salesman with salt and pepper hair approached my vicinity.  “Corona, Water, Spring Water,” he shouted.  He found a buyer three feet away, I paused to gaze at the abundant dense grassland.  And once I adapted to the sellers, I scanned through my Atlantic Monthly magazine—read, rested and returned to my Whole Foods’ prepared sandwich.

Hours later, the majestic bright blue sky never changed, except a twinkle of a breeze here and there, I became one with all: couples flying kites, Frisbees players, ping-pong challengers, soccer championships, cyclists on breaks, persons on cell phones, and children laughing—running away from mom and dad.

In the end, I see why thousands of common folks, status folks and folks from foreign countries venture to Central Park to mingle or just be with self.  It’s a $2.25 metrocard fare or free by roaming feet.  Of course, if Sheep Meadow is not your style—easy on over to Le Pain Quotidien.  It is located at the West 67th Street entrance, and you can sit outside while drinking organic draft beer, eat Vegan ice cream or pick-up a pre-package picnic box and walk along to your special spot.  Either way—spring, summer, fall and winter is winsome in Central Park.  Catch it if you can at

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  1. jennifer Mazigh says:

    Thank you Wanda for making us dream through your lovely stories, the places you visit, the people you meet, the food you eat, all this makes us want to visit all the above!
    Simply beautiful stories.


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