Catch It: Jack’s Wife Freda in Chelsea

It feels good being in New York City. The spirit of a community coming back together like the friendly smiles you receive entering the all-day bistro Jack’s Wife Freda, in Chelsea located at 116 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10011, on the West Side of Manhattan.

Last week, I strolled into my favorite Chelsea eatery, where a kindly waiter greeted me and asked if I prefer to dine inside. I said, “inside,” and I was seated at a quaint table after showing proof of my vaccination card.

The wide-billowy windows flowed in the fresh, sunny breeze. I started reminiscing about holidays in Cape May, New Jersey, where I usually went for a long run on the beach, and later, my friends and I would have lunch on the boardwalk, eating fresh crab cakes and drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola. A timeless experience, like my tasty Mediterranean breakfast at Jack’s Wife Freda.

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