Catch It: Gramercy Tavern

The simplicity of friendship is a Christmas Story because during the holiday season what better time to make time for a friend you have not seen in a long time.

A week ago Thursday, my dearest friend Curtis and I met at Gramercy Tavern at 42 East 20th Street, New York, NY 10003. From longer days of being a student at Georgia State University and him at Morehouse College, we became great friends in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Flatiron District restaurant was bustling with customers, the hostess mentioned she could add our names to the waiting list, or we could sit at the bar. At the bar, they had a waiting list. We included our names, and stood by the window, catching up on the news of our families and holiday plans.

Gramercy Tavern reminded me of why I love living in New York City, with the vibe of cosmopolitan flair, like Fred Astaire entering and wearing a custom-made black tuxedo; Fedora hat by Flamekeepers; and dancing to the Bradford Marsalis Quartet. The restaurant is a mixture of casual sleek, spicy delicious, in the shape of an abstract painting.

Before long, we had seats among others neck-to-neck, at the mahogany bar. After which, on my right, were three friends celebrating. Then one of the fashionable ladies said, “My fiancé just broke off our engagement,” and a short silence. Quickly, chatter started up again.

On Curtis’ left, a courteous gentleman was standing with his new girlfriend. We all introduced ourselves, and then he orders his friend’s cocktail, and said, “Make mine a martini with gin and three olives.”

In between trading stories back and forth, the bartenders demonstrated their enchanting manners by presiding over a full house, of the fantastical aura of the holiday cheer. Such is the best gift of all—sharing, making time for family and friends and welcoming a new friendship.

Season’s Greetings!


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