Catch It: Gotham 2018: Meredith’s Astoria

One afternoon, as I was on my way to Kaufman Studios in Astoria, Queens, my head was filled with the beat of Duke’s Ellington’s “Such Sweet Thunder”. While strolling the streets of Astoria, I peered at trendy restaurants and old-fashioned shops blending with new tall buildings. I remembered I knew someone who lived in Astoria: Ms. Meredith.

A runner who often speeds throughout her vibrant neighborhood, Ms. Meredith epitomizes the radiance of the community. So here is my interview with the very nice lady, Ms. Meredith.

What are you favorite restaurants in Astoria?

VIA TRENTA – Amazing Italian and a lovely staff. Great feelathome type of place. Great food, a warm welcoming environment. Yummy brunch and outdoor seating in the summer. They have the type of staff who knows their regulars and shows their excitement when you enter the restaurant.

LUNERA – It is newer restaurant in the neighborhood. Amazing Mexican, also great service and specials.

WATAWASUSHI It has that city lounging vibe and the sushi is excellent.

TAVERNA KYCLADES – Greek and delicious seafood.

JUJUBE TREE – Vegan and healthy treats.

ANTIKA – Italian and the pizzas are sumptuous.

SUGAR FREAK (Louisiana) – It’s our comfort-food, Southern-style restaurant.

What do you like about living in Astoria?

After working all day in Manhattan, there is a sense of calm once I am get off at the subway station and walk to my home. Though I’m active and on the go, I feel as if I slow down in Astoria.

The food and entertainment options are great and evolving. Even with the changes, the locals are loyal to the small businesses, and the neighborhood feeling has been preserved.

Astoria is very accessible and it operates pretty much 24 hours/day. The passion in the owners and their employees behind the local businesses is why there is a strong culture here.

Thank you, Ms. Meredith.

The weather in New York may get cold, but there is light and warmth in the unexpected joy of discovering something new while strolling in and around the city.



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