Catch It: Sweeter Still Than This

During the Valentine’s Holiday, I am drawn to the poetry in Sweeter Still Than This by Adah Louise Sutton (Copyright 1905 by The Saalfield Publishing Company).

I remember a time I visited my Aunt Vinnie, who owned a summer place in Cape May, New Jersey. I stopped by a vintage shop on my way to the beach, and I bought Sweeter Still Than This. The book was tattered with age; however, the poetry, the illustrations (by Carll B. Williams) were exquisite.

On the first page are words from eminent poet Lord Byron that inspired the author.

“But sweeter still than this, than these,

than all,

Is first and passionate love,—it

stands alone;

Like Adam’s recollection of his fall,

And life yields nothing further to recall.”


Sweeter Still Than This is a romantic treasure. And another romantic pleasure I enjoy is a restaurant in Lower Manhattan: Mamo. On Valentine’s weekend, and all year, Mamo is urbane and cozy and scrumptious.

Catch it if you can at

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