Catch It: Bluestone Lane Café

Three things I adore: the blue sky, my antique stone dining table and sumptuous coffee. It is especially why I am enchanted with Central Park. I can enjoy the magnificence of the park while walking six miles.

Saturday past, I saw the Bluestone Lane coffee cart. It was kitty-corner to the Church of the Heavenly Rest (2 E. 90th Street, New York, NY 10128). The Australian-style coffee kiosk was holding court on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

I decided to take a short detour from trekking—so far five miles. I spoke to two charming ladies, Phoebe and Angela, about Bluestone Lane Café in its new location on the Upper East Side and my dear friends who lived in Sydney.

“Try our coffee,” Phoebe said.

“No, but I will another time,” I declared, “I have just one mile to go.

Yesterday, I met my friend Amy for lunch at Bluestone Lane in Bryant Park. We sat at the counter, catching up on an Alumni event. I had a cappuccino with a Ham Wrap, and Amy sipped on her Scarlet Herbal tea and feasted on her Quinoa & Veggie Wrap.

“I like this café,” Amy said, “I never knew it was here.”

I know,” savoring my delicious coffee.

Catch it if you can at


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