Catch It: Blue Water Grill

For my birthday present, my dear friend Jeannie treated me to dinner at Blue Water Grill. It’s located at 31 Union Square West (at 16th Street), New York, NY 10003.

It had been several years since I was at Blue Water Grill. Still, it felt like the first time. I arrived ten minutes before my friend; gazed about the elegant metropolitan flair, and there—entwined outside its door: the bustling community of Union Square’s Farmer’s Market (at 14th Street/Broadway); the Union Square Theater (100 E. 17th Street); and the symphony of life in New York City.

Blue Water Grill has a subtle sophisticated charm, sleepless full-service bar, cozy booths and tables. I listened to the background music of Carole King—then heard, “Happy Birthday, Wanda.”

“Hey, Jeannie, what a great suggestion,” I replied while smiling.

Soon, we were escorted to our open window view table and chatted away.

“I love Blue Water Grill,” Jeannie said, “particularly, the seafood.”

“And, it’s a perfect place to celebrate my birthday,” I said.

Minutes passed, by now we were ready to order. We decided to share our appetizers: Crispy Fried Calamari and Classic Caesar Salad. For entre, Jeannie ordered the Mediterranean Branzino and I chose Salmon.

Later, for desert we each selected the Red Velvet Cheese Cake. The entire meal was divine, the service was first-class. By the time our Cappuccino arrived, we talked about Jeannie’s new vacation home in the Caribbean and I updated her on my new novella.

In all, Blue Water Grill is an American classic restaurant—an endearing place to celebrate one’s birthday with a dear friend.

Catch it if you can at

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