CATCH IT: Nizza Restaurant: Hell’s Kitchen

My cousin Cecil, sharp and smart from Savannah, Georgia telephoned me in January, and said, “Hey, Elizabeth and I are flying in to New York City on Thursday, February 9th for dinner and a Broadway Show. Could you pick a restaurant, and would you be our guest for dinner? And Wanda, could you choose a restaurant closer to The Majestic Theater? I am taking Elizabeth to see The Phantom of the Opera for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.”

“Oh, how nice,” I said.

“Hey,” he said. “Don’t forget, we like Italian.”

“Italian,” I thought. “Today is Friday and I wish I were visiting my friends at their home…anticipating homemade “Italian” pizza. Lisa and Chris who live in North Carolina have two boys: Cross and Luke and their Dad makes Mediterranean Pizza on Fridays. Lisa, said, ‘“sometimes our neighbors come over—so what began in New Jersey is now a North Carolinian tradition.”’

And yet, evening meals at Nizza Restaurant could become a tradition. It is located in Midtown West Manhattan; in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen at 630 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10026 (between 44th Street and 45th Street). Nizza’s small tables, savoir fair bar and saucy menu connects home style to the life style of New York City.

Thirty days later, Thursday came at Nizza. Cousin Cecil ordered the Veal Scallopine (shiitake mushrooms and tomatoes in marsala wine sauce with sautéed broccoli rabe); Elizabeth ordered the Grilled Salmon (roasted eggplant puree, farro salad, grilled asparagus, paprika and basil oils); and I ordered the Napoletana Pizza (tomato, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil). The cost of meals ranged from $14.50 to $18.75.

For, dessert, we all ordered the succulent Espresso Parfait. Cousin Cecil quickly finished his while his dark brown eyes stared at his wife’s. Elizabeth, said, “Wanda, we could never live in New York City—my husband would have us eating at Nizza almost every day.”

Catch it if you can at and

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