Catch It: Macaron Café

Macaron Café is a nice little place at 625 Madison Avenue, New York, NY  10022.  The entrance is on 59th Street; the fragrance of sweet-smelling pink petals, surrounded by mouth-watering confectionery macarons, such as: dark chocolate, white chocolate, coconut, lemon, and raspberry for $2.50 each.

“Macaroon,” according to The American Heritage Dictionary, “is a chewy cookie made with sugar, egg whites, and almond paste or coconut. [French macaron, from Italian dialectal maccarone, dumpling, macaroni.]”  However, I would have described a macaron as a divine cream-filled sandwich cookie with non-diet ingredients.  In this old-fashioned French café, they also serve delectable gluten free macarons.  What’s more, you can treat your friends, colleagues and family to a gift box for the upcoming holiday season.

If one decides to have lunch at Macaron Café, the menu varies from Salads: Nicoise ($10.00), French Ceasar ($9.50), and Farm Salad ($9.00); Sandwiches on Baguette: Paris ($8.50), Italiano ($8.25), Normandy ($7.75) and Vegetarian ($8.00).  Monday through Friday is Specials of the Week, and my favorite breakfast is Crepe with Jam for $3.50.

Madison Avenue is located in the borough of Manhattan, and particularly from 57th
Street—a popular area for visitors because of the designer shops, endearing restaurants, and the ambiance of a quaint European town.

Macaron Café is part of the emerald city décor; and why the young and old; the new and renewed natives love the “Empire State” —New York.

Catch it if you can at

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