Catch It: Turbulence by Annette Herfkens

Three days ago, I read Turbulence: A Survival Story by Annette Herfkens.

Ms. Herfken’s book feels like an imaginary adventure, and yet it is factual and fascinating. The author, who survived an airplane crash in the Vietnamese jungle for eight days, stated: “I was alone and with only the rainwater to sustain me.”

Turbulence: A Survival Story describes her journey starting in 1979, including the 1992 plane crash and her return to Vietnam in 2006. She shares her insights on being the sole survivor of flight 474, maintaining a successful career in the Financial industry, and balancing a life as a working Mom in Manhattan, New York, with a son with autism and a university-bound daughter, both of whom, like Ms. Herfkens, are gifted and graceful in the art of life.

Catch it if you can at

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