Catch It: Sezz Medi′: Pizzeria Napoletana, Ristorante & Café

A week ago, my girlfriend Tashna and her two beautiful girls: Lelia, four-years-old and Nina, two-years-old and I went for an early dinner at Sezz Medi′. The restaurant is located at 1260 Amsterdam Avenue (corner of 122nd Street) New York, NY 10027.

At 5:00 PM, Mom drove the family car; the girls sat in the back-seat. Lelia and Nina smiled as I sang made up children melodies in the car. Fifteen minutes later, Lelia said, “Pizza, Pizza,” as we entered Sezz Medi′.

We were escorted to our tables by the host, Tanieka who gave us our menus, although we already knew what we were going to order. Lelia said again, “Pizza.” Mom ordered for the girls to share, the brick oven Marínara Pizza (tomato, oregano, sliced garlic and basil, cost $9.00); Tashna and I shared the classic Margheríta Pizza (tomato, mozzarella, and basil, cost $12.00).

While the girls relished their pizza, drew pictures on the paper table cloths, and competed for crayons. Tashna and I were deciding what to have later for dessert.

Then suddenly, dessert was decided. Lelia and Nina were to share Tiramisu; Tashna and I ordered chocolate cake and cappuccino. A minute passed, dessert was at the table—one word was spoken over and over: “Yummy…Yummy.”

Before long, Lelia said, “Mommy-home.” The kids were tired, we gathered our coats and braced for the cold weather outside.

Inside the car, I said. “Thanks Tashna, I loved our Mediterranean adventure.”

“You’re welcome,” she said. “The girls love seeing Auntie Wanda.”

“Ahhh…they are the cutest,” I said. “What did you like most about Sezz Medi′?”

“I liked the service, and the pizza was so fresh,” Tashna said. “The ambiance and food was top notch. It was cozy for my family because the girls could color while we talked so it’s family friendly.”

Catch it if you can at

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1 Response to Catch It: Sezz Medi′: Pizzeria Napoletana, Ristorante & Café

  1. Such a sweet and warm story!
    I Love it and plan to catch it with my beautiful daughther.


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